Saxy APP

Intelligent and interconnected,

Monitor the status of your ebike at any time.

Smart Lock

Lock and unlock the vehicle with only a click 
on your phone's screen.

Track Your Rides

You can set your SAXY real-time location to track your rides, Measure your distance, speed and emission reduction contribution.


Saxy app can provide all your activities in details — 
Connected days,Total Distance, Riding Duration, 
Average Speed and more.

Battery Management, Safe Travel

The app can check the remaining power, accurate to 1%, and you can control the estimated cruising range without going out, and travel with peace of mind.

Share your saxy

Share your bike to your family and friends by sending a QR code, enjoy more riding fun.

Maintenance service

Query the phone and address information of the attached saxy store through the APP, and enjoy after-sales repair, maintenance, and purchase services.