Saxy Bikes Hiring sales representative in Europe


Sale representatives in Europe: 3 people 

Job description

Hongji bike Group acquired the SAXY brand in 2021 to grow its E-Bike business internationally. For global exposure, the Hongji Bike group will use the SAXY brand name to tap into the global E-Bike business. 

With the rapid growth in European market, we are looking for the candidate to represent the Saxy products in Benelux Area:

1. The Candidate must speak Fluent Local Country language as well as English, Region include: UK/Switsland/Germany/Italy/France.

2. 2 years experience in Sales of Bicycle, Ebike or other electric vehicle area, solid background to develop local market and manage distributors.

3. Passion to generate sales and deal with customers.

4. Hands on working style to get things done.

5. Target oriented, always do every efforts to achieve the target.

6. Understand the e bike market, analyzing the information, travelling frequently to get the perspective potential customers.

7. Problem resolving mindset and have the ability to handle different issues by analyzing the root cause so to deliver the solutions to the problem.

8. Weekly report to the activities and market judgement, layout the plan and execute it on weekly basis. 


1. The company will provide competitive package to right candidate: fixed salary plus commission on monthly basis (fixed salary 2500 Euros-3500 Euros, commission 3% of the sales revenue generated)

2. Can work from home.

3. Can be a consultant.

4. The traveling related expenses can be reimbursed.